Working On Your Business

October 23, 2012

Too often we get stuck in the rut of every day work. We get stuck in working ‘IN’ our business rather than ‘ON’ our business. It’s important, especially if you own your own company or are in sales, to take the time to work ‘ON’ your business to stay focused. This time can be used […]

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Be Accountable

April 3, 2012

Today, more than ever, we need each other to grow in our lives.  We can’t do it alone…and who would want to?  I have 3 accountability partners in my life…one for spiritual growth, one for business growth, and one for health (not trying to grow outward anymore…).  Who are you accountable to?

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FHA Raises Costs Again…

March 5, 2012

FHA will raise the up-front mortgage insurance premiums to 1.75% and the monthly mortgage insurance premium to 1.25% starting April 1, 2012. This stinks. The government is hitting up the home buyer to cover the payroll tax extension that was passed last year. This is a direct increase of 10 basis points in the borrower’s […]

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Possible flood of foreclosures

February 13, 2012

The ‘robo-signing’ chaos may be coming to a head.  The National Mortgage Settlement was approved by the Federal Government and 49 states for $26 Billion.  The majority of this money is supposed to go directly to borrowers through foreclosure relief effort options, including principle reduction for qualifying borrower, short sales, anti-blight measures, and enhanced homeowner […]

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Why Deals Die

January 30, 2012

According to the great people over at KCM (keeping current matters), there are 3 strong reasons why deals don’t close appraisal issues lack of transparency bad pre-approval letters (no reason for this one…if you have a good loan officer)

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Show Me The Money

January 24, 2012

The guidelines for today’s mortgage lending remain tight. A borrower needs to be able to source the down payment money and paper trail the movement from one account to another. Whether it be Gift funds, 401K loan, IRA, proceeds from the sale of a home, or just from the savings account…any large deposits must be […]

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5 Points By Noon

January 9, 2012

Prospecting can be the biggest challenge for sales people. Today’s message is a tip that I picked up from a few years back. I have seen this form several times in several different ways. The idea is to fill out each section until you have 5 points. You get a point if you complete one […]

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Start With No

January 3, 2012

Jim Camp’s book, Start With No, is a great read on negotiation.  It explains how the ‘win-win’ strategy in negotiation is NOT the best solution and often leads to bad terms.  If you are looking for ways to get more ‘yesses’…then start with no.  It will blow up your business (in a good way) Here’s […]

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Questions Are Good

December 6, 2011

Asking questions are the key to being a great REALTOR, lender, insurance agent, or financial planner.  In today’s market, the more we know, the better we can serve you.  If you are currently working with an internet company or a person in one of these professions who is not asking you the questions, I would […]

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Business Plan to Eat That Frog

November 28, 2011

This weeks message is about business planning and not procrastinating.  Brian Tracy’s book “Eat That Frog” is an excellent tool to use to beat procrastination.  It’s very important to get a head start on planning for 2012 this month…this week…today.  Finish the year strong and already have your planning done as soon as you can.  […]

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