Top 3 Tips For First Time Homebuyers

by traviss on August 24, 2016


  1. Find out what’s on your credit.  Take the time to explore your credit report before you fall in love with a house and make a loan application.  There could be items on the report that are not accurate and may hinder your purchase power.  Most of the time, the items can be easily fixed.
  2. Lock on the payment, not the interest rate.  Too many times buyers stress out over obtaining the lowest rate possible.  There will always be someone out there offering a lower rate or lower cost.  The best thing to do is to lock once the monthly payment is comfortable to you and your budget.  By doing this, you take the stress off your plate about getting the “lowest rate out there.”
  3. Find the best loan program for YOU….not your parents, your friends who previously bought a home…but for YOU.  There are several programs that offer little to no down payment…find out what they are and take advantage of them.

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