1st and 10 and the Letter From The Heart

by traviss on September 19, 2011

My mortgage coach recently gave me 2 great suggestions to improve my production.  The ‘1st and 10’ and ‘The Letter From The Heart’.  If you are like me, and haven’t done as good of a job in staying in touch with your database, then these 2 activities can help you re-connect.  The Letter from the Heart is a quick one-page letter to your database that gives a quick snapshot of your personal life and professional life.  It’s NOT a sales letter asking for business or referrals…just a ‘what’s up in my world’ letter.  The 1st and 10 is a great activity for prospecting.  This means that the first thing you do in the morning (before checking emails or voice mails) is to make 10 outbound prospecting calls.  Once you have done these calls, you can move on with your day knowing that you have already prospected.

A great way to get in the habit of making the 1st and 10 is to combine it with the Letter from the Heart.  Mail 50 letters on Wednesday and call 10 people starting on the next Monday.  By the end of the week you have called all 50 people and re-connected.  Repeat this process until you have contacted (voice mails count too) all of your database.  It’s a great jumpstart to more production!

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